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540w Studio Flash Lighting kit set 3x180w P-180 Replaceable Flash bulbs UK

540w Studio Flash Lighting kit set 3x180w P-180 Replaceable Flash bulbs UK

540w Studio Flash Lighting kit set 3x180w P-180 Replaceable Flash bulbs UK

3 x Lamp Studio Lighting set with bag. 540w Studio Flash Lighting set 3x180w Light Kit P-300.

One great feature with the P-300 lamp is user-replaceable flash bulbs. Other lamps in this price range have soldered on flash bulbs. We sell all the bulbs for all the lamps we sell. The'ready' buzzer can now be switched off, this can really be a pain at public events and a much requested feature.

New improved streamline housing with rubber type surface. This lighting kit includes everything you need to get started in studio lighting. Ideal for many lighting set-ups from product shots to portraiture.

It can be set-up and conveniently stowed in the carry case. Is not as complicated as it used to be. In the film days photographers would have to take Incidence Light readings and need to know about technical stuff like Inverse Square Law. One also needed to take pretty goods notes as I remember rightly because it would be days before the results came through. We include (for download) some basic set-up instructions so you can get started right away. How to set-up the lights and typical camera settings. If you need further assistance we are here to help. This is primarily a flash light kit.

It also comes with continuous modeling bulbs. The modeling bulbs are there to help you see where the light is going to fall when you take the shot. 1 x P-300w flash lamp. 1 x Modeling bulb 1 x Flash bulb (installed). 1 x Power cable UK.

Power: 180w (More than enough for digital). Variable power range 1/8 - full power. Colour Temperature 5500K - 5600K. Angle of Illumination is 55 degrees. Recycle time 2 5 seconds at full power.

1 second at half power. We include UK Power Cables 3 x 190cm Heavy Weight Light Stand (sprung dampeners and screw tight knobs) 1 x White shoot through Umbrellas 1 x Silver Reflective Umbrella 1 x Barn doors set with Gels and honeycomb (Metal mount not plastic) 2 x 50cm x 70cm Softbox with Metal rods and metal nibs (not plastic) 1 x 4Ch Trigger set (receiver batteries 2 x AA batteries) 1 x Kit bag High Quality (10mm neoprene walls, horizontal & Vertical Internal Dividers). This kit comes with UK cables. We do not provide EU adapter or 2 pin cables for this kit. The transmitter fit to your cameras hot shoe.

The receiver attaches to one of the lamps, Only one receiver is necessary because the lamps have built in wireless sync. You do need 2 x AAA batteries as these are not included. The wireless trigger set included fits most modern Digital-SLR Camera like Canon, Nikon, pentex, olympus etc. This kit does not work with Sony/Minolta which is a proprietary system. You will need a special hotshoe adapter or Sony trigger set which we do not sell. There are Sony compatible trigger sets available but at present, we do not supply them. We sell all the components for this separately so if you need and extra lamp, Barn door set, stand etc.

We sell the spare bulbs and always keep them in stock. There are other kits available which look similar. Light Stands: Our light stand are sprung which is a built in safety feature. Without this, when you release the tension the lights will come crashing down.

They are heavier this is a good thing. Ours screw tighten as well not a clip which can become loose after a while. Kit bags: Our kit bag has 10mm neoprene walls to protect the gear inside. Plus internal dividers to protect the equipment.

Barn Doors: Our Barn doors are metal not plastic. In short other similar kits include much cheaper components and non replaceable flash bulbs. This kit comes with British 3 pin plugs. Question: What if my country is on the blocked list? Answer: We have had problems posting smaller items to certain countries.

However these larger kits are sent with a courier so we have had no problems, its just the prices so please get in touch first. If you are in Spain or any other country we have blocked. We have different courier services for different countries. All goods in stock, in the UK.

SONY if you have a. Digital SLR then you will need a SONY compatible trigger set. We do not carry one for this model. We do for the 900w kits.

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540w Studio Flash Lighting kit set 3x180w P-180 Replaceable Flash bulbs UK